Cherokee Cavaliers

By Edward Everett Dale and Gaston Litton- The 200 letters in this book chronicle more than forty years of history in the old Cherokee Nation --- from removal through the Civil War to Reconstruction --- as recorded in the correspondence of the Ridge-Watie-Boudinot families. The minority leaders of the nation, they were better known as "The Treaty Party". In 1835 they agreed to the removal of the Cherokee Nation to the Indian Territory. As a consequence the family leaders were assassinated by the opposing faction under Chief John Ross. The book details the lives and thoughts of such men as John Rollin Ridge, who followed the gold rush to California, Gen. Stan Watie., the Confederate General, and E.C. Boudinot, the Cherokee delegate to the Confederate congress. The Journal of American History calls this book -"A valuable contribution to an intriguing phase of Oklahoma and Indian history". Soft-cover. 320 pages.