Eight- Hundred Voices: Each with a Story to Tell Volume I

By Wade Ankesheiln Wade did a beautiful job with these two books; searching the personnel files of the residents at Missouri’s Confederate Home, he gathered the stories the old veterans had to tell. Each man had already lived a lifetime and was willing to share considerable. Some are tragic, some are true to life, such the 80 plus year-old fellow who decided to climb the water-tower; some fist-i-cuffs etc. Women have their share in these recollections also. Military data and some family files have been added and a few scattered photographs. Thus, he has produced the only published concise record detailing the life of these veterans during the conflict and post war, who are buried in hallowed ground at Higginsville, Missouri.  Volume I contains 277 pages, full index, bibliography section, regimental information included within index. Published in soft-cover.