Guerrillas and Other Curiosities

By Samuel Anderson Pence- Sam Pence worked on this manuscript for many years. Much later, after his death and at the birth of his name sake, his grandson Dan Pence edited the work keeping the flavor of Sam’s folksy down-to-earth way of writing.  Sam arranged the work in a similar style as Noted Guerrillas by John Edwards, which he references.  Harold Dellinger added newer up-to-date information on the men listed. And to make things even better Sam in his lifetime had the good-fortune to be related to Donnie and Bud Pence from which he gathered some additional information and straightened out some, on the Kentucky affairs from his uncles.
Soft-cover edition, contains a full index and appendix concerning the latest known information on the men who made that fated Kentucky trip or rode with Quantrill.