Missouri Rebels Remembered: Si Gordon & John Thrailkill

By James W. and John W. Farley- Silas M. Gordon, known as 'Si', the youngest son of a respected Platte County family, and John Thrailkill, orphaned at a young age and living with a relative in Andrew County when the was broke out, were destined to play legendary roles in the Civil War. Each became a company captain in the First Missouri Cavalry CSA, under Col. Elijah Gates. Through fate, each became a guerrilla band leader midway thru the war. Their actions are detailed in this book. Neither ever surrendered. Si settled in Texas as a trader and John went to Mexico with Gen. JO Shelby, joined with the Dictator Diaz, and became quite wealthy. Fascinating stories! Soft-cover.  Note: An authentic picture of John Thrailkill included.