Splendors and Horrors of a Battlefield. A Yankee Cavalryman Views the Battle of Prairie Grove

By Joanne C. Eakin- Transcribed by Joanne C. Eakin from the Journal of Lt. Charles Wesley DeWolf, 7th Mo. Cav., US, which was written as the events took place. The Journal was in the possession of Howard Monett and was only one of possibly three journals kept by De Wolf. This was the second and begins December 1, 1862, and continues until May 29, 1863. The reader follows the activities, which are dramatically recorded-across the state of Missouri and includes many battles and skirmishes in the southern portion of the state. Foot-notes have been added by the research of Wayne H. Schnetzer and additional information to the men and events recorded within the pages of this wonderful piece of history. Soft-cover, 165 pages, fully indexed.