The Burning of Osceola Missouri

By Richard F. Sunderwirth- Richard and his wife, Nita Ruth,  reside in Osceola. As a boy he grew up hearing about the experiences of those involved when Lane burned and sacked the town. Taking that information and the history of the area in general and the early settlers who owned the old historical buildings scattered about the town, Richard started writing historical newspaper columns for The St. Clair County Courier.  His readers sent him additional information which he sifted through and using the county history books and  local historical files he wrote this top-notch, well received book. It is one fascinating interesting read.  Loaded with personal information on older residents, war experiences, the local lore and legends. Drawings of the original building are included as are photographs of some of the local residents.  To call it entertaining and interesting doesn't do this book justice.  400 plus pages; fully indexed. Soft-cover.