The Last Long Mile; From Westport to Arkansas 1864

By Carolyn Bartels- From the Fred Lee collection came three unpublished old diaries, detailing and humanizing the battles of Westport, Mine Creek and the sorrowful degrading retreat through Kansas and Arkansas. New material, never before published, sheds a more personal light on the whole affair. The diaries leave no doubt as to privations and sufferings by man and beast on this harrowing march. Action packed with interwoven accounts of each portion of the battle and the march South. Also is included General Cabell’s report in 1900 when he was living then in Dallas, Texas. The book lets you decide with the presentation of these new materials whether General Price’s raid of 1864 was actually what the military reports filed soundly proclaimed it to be. You will be surprised. 180 pgs, indexed, Soft-cover.