The Little Gods: Union Provost Marshalls in Missouri 1861 - 1865

By Joanne C. Eakin- Provost Marshals, appointed by military law, became self-ordained minister of judgment, banishment of families and often with tragic results. The laws of right and justice turned a deaf ear to the flaming torches and the Federal marauding. Missouri families endured untold cruelties at the hands of these men, who also wielded the power of life or death. They were justly termed, "Little Gods" indeed. Volume I Has some few of the personal official records from the Provost Marshal files that occurred in southeastern Missouri. 113 pages Volume II Contains the records from Central Western Border area of Missouri. Letters and documents are from Independence, Clinton, Warrensburg, Kansas City, Lexington, Windsor, Sedalia, Dresden, Knobnoster, Warsaw & Dover, Missouri. Also included are stories from Fort Lincoln, Anderson County and Paola, Kansas. Both volumes printed now as one book. Total of 245 pgs, Soft-cover, indexed.