Trans-Mississippi Order Book; Brig. General John S. Marmaduke

By Carolyn M. Bartels- Transcribed from micro-film copy of the original.  Never before published as a whole, Marmaduke’s Order Book has been used by many authors. We are super proud of this venture, compiled in conjunction with Missouri Order of the Stars and Bars. Never before seen casualty lists; behind the scenes look at day to day operations of a military division; conflicts, plans of strategy; movement orders; enlistments requirements; conscripts regulations; court-martial transcripts and sentences; execution orders; daily rations for an army; transfers and resignations of officers and enlisted men.  Something for everyone who is a history seeker of the Trans-Mississippi Department.   Fully indexed with over 3500 entries; Listings of Orders, special & general; appendix; You’ll be glad you invested.