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If You're Looking For Primary Source Information on the Civil War Era
in the Trans-Mississippi Theater

A Few Notes From The Author

Hello, I'm Carolyn M. Bartels, an author, researcher, and most of all a lady fascinated with the remarkable history of our great nation.  My interest in the Trans-Mississippi Theater, and especially Missouri, began as I traced my ancestors' early migration into the area in the early 1800s.  As, step by step, I followed their lives into the years of the conflict, it became apparent that records were few and far between. Many were lost forever as courthouses were burned or shelled.  In many instances the only available resources were old diaries, county histories, and musty back rooms in county court houses.  As my store of records grew, I realized that these, and the records of other researchers, needed to be preserved.  And so, Two Trails Publishing was born!  As we progressed, we added books that we felt would be of interest to writers and researchers, but have always tried to stay with our credo of only using and printing primary source material.  We hope our publications will assist you in whatever task you have undertaken, and that you will come back and visit us often!

Let me introduce our Company: Two Trails has been in business for about 26 years. We started with one book and grew the hard way; selling from the trunk of our car, door to door, and business to business.  Now we have many titles and attend shows whenever possible. (We still carry our stock in the trunk though!)  We print and publish all kinds of materials. Lately we have been assisting some authors compiling family histories and have a couple ghost books pending as well as a town history. 

Most of our patrons over the years have appreciated the fact that our company is slightly different from most folks who print. We do look at what comes out of the machine. We feel since we are putting our name on it, we have the option to advise our clients of stray sentences, incorrectly spelled words and/or some content when it is abusive or politically over the edge, that further attention is required by the author.

You will note in our catalog in that we basically publish history, but have been known to publish other works such as historical novels, coloring books, etc.  Most of these authors have opted to market their own work, as our customer base is primary document history minded. But we do list their work for customer convenience and when the retail price is set so both the author and our company will profit, we list titles with and other major book sellers as well.

In our pre-printing process we can utilize various forms, fonts, etc., and we keep our programs updated. For the actual printing we use laser printers and a laser ink-jet. We also have regular copy machines that are available for usage.  Our laser printer is one of the best on the market.  It has excellent copy-quality, making copy number 100,000 as clear as the first one. Copy machines will not do that!  Our machines can print small documents up to oversize 12 X 18 inch stock.  At the onset of a new project, we prefer to do no less than 25 copies. We can handle work projects numbering in the hundreds.

We offer the option of retaining your material for simplicity of future printings: it only requires a phone call and the number you want.  Turn-around time totally depends on how heavy our schedule is at the placement of the order.  We do not have employees and our customers do not pay for our overhead as we operate from our home.  Turn-around time is generally a week to ten days, BUT again, it all depends on how much is ahead and what your specific job entails to produce a finished product.  

For color work, such as four color covers, we farm that work out as it requires quality digital color copiers with capabilities to adapt according to the specifications of the material or graphic in your file. The same goes for hardcover books; to hand sew a spine and glue on an embossed cover, well that is a trade all in its own right! We have someone we recommend, but you may shop and choose your own.

Graphics, unless you are talented and understand graphic layout, also should be done by a qualified graphic designer of which we have several we can recommend.  If you opt to use one of them, you will be working directly with them and pay them directly as well. We receive no commissions from either graphic designer nor bindery for their work.  Again, basically, you will be working with them directly. We may be utilized as the go-between if you are not local; all work though, before printing or binding, must carry signed approval from you before any final production begins.

Pricing on our end of your project is not a set fee. Only the charge per printed page is set.  Each job is individually different and all depends on how ready your manuscript is for actual printing.  We can do it from loose sheets, if necessary, or old typed documents, but must charge accordingly.  
We also offer hot glue bindings, or stapled booklets, and even coil binding; each is priced differently.

If you would like to know more on how the publishing business works, e-mail us and we have a free booklet that spells it all out:  Thank you for considering us and thank you in advance for giving us the opportunity to bid on your next project!

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