Terms & Conditions

No postage charges to calculate - and then wonder of you actually got ripped off!  We share postage expense with our customers, but have only this year added a handling charge of $3.50 onto your order. This pays for our gas to the post-office, and those expensive mailing boxes, labels, etc.

We offer a return policy within ten days. ONLY clean resalable books may be returned. NO cracked spines and fingerprints will be accepted for cash refunds.

Got a bad book?  We replace all such copies. Many have asked us about this policy:  Please keep in mind that, for example, when we run 500 books with possibly 600 printed pages, quickly calculate how many pages we have to check.  In short, we run and hope for the best and it is usually fine, but pages can skip in fast machines and "whoops!" a page missing.  All you have to do is just call us or write us and its as good as done.

You should allow at least two weeks to receive your order. We don’t have employees! If we did, you would have to help us pay for them, so just be patient. Besides that, if you were the dealer, would you put all your cash flow on the shelf and hope it sells soon? Nope!

We will accept your MASTERCARD and VISA credit cards.  Maybe in the future we will add some others, but percentage rates on surcharges are now almost cost prohibitive for dealers. Your personal check or money order is always welcome. Shopping our web-site is safe and secure, but you may fax us a copy of your credit card if you so wish.